What sets the Shroud of Turin apart is not what it is, but rather how it, almost alone among its object type, has survived more or less intact to modern times. It seems impossible that a painter could reproduce this, particularly because the image is fuzzy and vague and can only be recognized from a distance of several feet. Vikan did not produce one example because, in fact, there is none. And then there is the Shroud of Turin, seemingly produced by blood, blood plasma and sweat absorbed from Jesus dead body at the time of entombment (see box, p. I have examined several hundred paintings, by artists from Giotto to Pollock, submitted to me by dealers, auction houses and collectors in order to authenticate them. In summary, not one of these primary documents from 1356 to 1390, aside from the Memorandum, refers to an inquest or artist in 1355 can carbon 14 dating be wrong. He again orders d Arcis to perpetual silence. Carter Clemson, South Carolina The Case is Far from Closed While I am not a scientist, I must take issue with the articles Debunking the Shroud by Gary Vikan and The Shroud Painting Explained, by Walter McCrone.

On the shroud we find many previously unknown details of the scourging and crucifixion, not just the evidence, mentioned in the article, that nails went through the wrist. *History of the shroud-there is no credible evidence for the shroud before 1356, and the bishop at the time said he knew the artist who painted it. To determine what substances are present in the shroud images, I conducted tests based on polarized light microscopy. A visit to a library or bookstore will reveal at least half a dozen other oddities of the Shroud, a number of which cannot be explained by the forgery theory. Alas, DaVinci was born a hundred years too late to account for the shroud. Although Emperor Constantine outlawed crucifixion in 315 AD, the practice as a form of piety-was never com-pletely abandoned. And stealing and forgery were both part of the business. An expert in microanalysis and painting authentication, Walter C.

Similarly, the fact that there were many other fakes is not evidence that the shroud is a fake can carbon 14 dating be wrong. God left a photograph of himself taken at his resurrection. The most famous instance is perhaps that of the great Sufi mystic al-Hallaj, who was crucified in Baghdad in 922, but crucifixion continued to be used for criminals and political prisoners..
. Nobody wants to hold positions that are easily disproved, and the way to avoid this is to do the research. He again supports the Lirey shroud, making no mention of idolatry. The implication is that its creation was somehow miraculous, perhaps caused by a sudden burst of cosmic energy as the cloth came into contact with the dead body of Jesus. He permits the showing of the cloth publicly, but calling it a figure or representation, and on Bishop d Arcis, Clement imposes perpetual silence. .


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